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Tenderising, Cutting & Compressing


PSM 650 Curing Press

Hard muscle structures (e.g. topside or silverside) are relaxed using a compression process in the PSM curing press. Here, the meat is released by specially formed rollers which rotate against each other. The stretching and breaking of the muscle structure leads to the following:

  • Subsequent massage processes can be optimised.
  • Filling, insertion and cooking properties are improved.
  • Higher product uniformity within a batch.
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    T-MAX 620 Needle Tenderiser

    The processing principle of T-MAX technology is based on classic tenderising functions using blades. The entire muscle is processed. Main reasons for using a needle tenderiser:

  • Tender meat with increased muscle elasticity.
  • Improved intramuscular slice cohesion.
  • Optimal diffusion of additives.
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    MacMAX 500 Roller Tenderiser

    The combined use of injectors and roller tenderisers is a common production method for improving the product quality. A larger product surface is created, either by slitting the surface or completely processing the muscle:

  • Optimisation of the massage process.
  • Improvement in slice cohesion (e.g. in products with membranes).
  • Improved slice yield and visual appearance of the product.
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