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Table Clippers

Table-top clippers can be used wherever a totally safe and secure closure is required.


Key features of machines available include:


  • pneumatically operated units


  • single or double clippers to suit production requirements


  • choice of aluminium or stainless steel construction


  • horizontal options available for special applications and liquid products

  • sutable for use on plastic, fibrous and natural casings

  • large range of clip sizes for all tubes, bags, foils and netting

  • machines built to CE standards and latest safety and hygiene requirements


Specific applications include:


  • fresh or frozen packaging of poultry and meat products


  • ham production with the use of our industry standard stretch clippers

  • cook-chill and ready meal applications

  • cheese, confectionary and vegetarian products

  • wholesale and retail bagging of tropical fish

  • carpet, underlay and insulation packaging

  • sealing of bulk batches of chemicals and pharmaceuticals

  • anywhere an air-tight, leak proof, tamper evident closure is required


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