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Semi & Auto Clipping



The DCM-90 is a semi-automatic double clipper of modular design making it versatile and easily adaptable for each individual application.

The machine and accessories are made largely from stainless steel, making it hygienic, easy to clean and hard wearing.

Natural, plastic and fibrous casings can all be utilised on these clippers, producing a calibre range from 25mm to 120mm.



A fully automatic double clipper, the KDCM-A range of machines are of robust design and are a natural progression from the semi-auto DCM-90.

A calibre range of 25mm to 120mm can be processed in natural, plastic and fibrous casings particularly popular with amongst others, manufacturers of black pudding and other emulsified products.

The machine is compatible with virtually all models of filler and is designed to meet the latest hygiene and health and safety standards.

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