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Macsween of Edinburgh Purchase a 'SwiStick Ready' TT1815 Double Clipper

Located in Loanhead on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Macsween of Edinburgh, a 3rd generation family company, has been at the forefront of haggis and black pudding making for over 60 years.


Bryant Ltd has supported Macsween since the late 1970's, initially with the Technopack branded clipper range that has now evolved to be part of the JBT Tipper Tie group. During this ongoing relationship, the Macsween product range has also expanded in line with consumer demand, with several different types of haggis, black & white puddings and added-value products being introduced to the range.


Whilst the products have evolved, so too has the clipping technology. Bryant Ltd first supplied Macsween with TC600 table-top single clippers and a more modern version of this clipper is still utilised for their traditional haggis today. During the 1990's a growing haggis market led to the need for more automation and this came with the purchase of Macsween's first automatic double clipper, model KDC-A90 in 1998. After years of reliable service and as a result of increased volumes, in 2012 it was decided to upgrade to the latest generation of auto double clipper, the KDCM-A90.


Moving rapidly through the next couple of years it soon became apparent that due to continued increased consumer demand and proudly taking on the M&S haggis and black pudding business, the company needed to invest in a high-speed clipping line. After many discussions and a visit to France to view some of the largest Salami production units in Europe, it was decided that the Tipper Tie TT1815 would be the most suitable future proof solution. What also became apparent during the visit to France was the increased production efficiencies of running the TT1815 in conjunction with the Tipper Tie hanging line - the SwiStick, and for this reason the clipper was built 'SwiStick ready'.


The TT1815 has now been successfully installed and the plan is to add the SwiStick line in the coming months, making Macsween of Edinburgh the first company to invest in this state of the art automated hanging line in the UK and Ireland.


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