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Fruitpig Company Ltd upscales production to meet increased demand for its fresh blood black pudding


East Anglian butchery, Fruitpig Company Ltd, one of the few producers of fresh blood black pudding remaining in the UK, has made a step up in production capacity by purchasing the Tipper Tie DCM-90 Semi-Automatic Double Clipper.


The company formed in 2008 by Matthew Cockin and subsequently joined by Grant Harper started off as a rare breed butchery. However, it wasn’t long before Matt and Grant began specialized production of their rare fresh blood black puddings.


95% of black pudding now produced in the UK is made with imported dried blood powder and none of the major brands are using fresh blood in their recipes.


Having started production with labour intensive hand-tying, the initial move was made to a table-top single clipper that increased throughput whilst relieving sore fingers! As time moved on, demand for their artisan products increased and it became clear that further automation was necessary to ensure continuity of supply.


In the first instance, Fruitpig invested in a vacuum filler with the next logical step being to upscale the clipping operation with the help of Bryant Ltd and the JBT Tipper Tie DCM-90 clipper.


The DCM-90 is a semi-automatic double clipper of modular design, versatile and flexible for many different applications. The machine and accessories are largely manufactured from stainless steel making it hygienic, easy to clean and hard wearing. The machine will run with most natural, plastic and fibrous casings producing calibre ranges from 25mm to 90mm.


Fruitpig also produce haggis, white puddings and bacons and have a growing “free-from” range including gluten-free, nitrate-free and keto friendly products.

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