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HIGHline Technology

All injectors of the HIGHline series are available in numerous sizes and equipment variants. These injectors meet all customer requirements and can be integrated into any process chain.


Belt Machines:

IMAX injectors with integrated conveyors have been specially developed for use in processing lines where belts are used. The injector can be easily integrated into cut-up lines (poultry) or filleting lines (fish).


  • Characteristics of Schröder technology
  • Transportation of the injected product is made using a belt system
  • The transportation process is coordinated with the injection process guaranteeing uniform production
  • The product throughput height can be set to four levels
  • A throughput function without injection is set as standard
  • The product advance can be set to one of three variations (depending on the pricking pattern and number of needles)
  • The needle layout (pricking pattern) leads to excellent brine distribution


Available as IMAX 430, IMAX 630 and IMA 930, with throughputs from 3,000 to 16,000Kg per hour.


Rake Machines:

IMAX injectors with integrated rake draw (walking beam conveyor) are suitable for use as an individual machine or in processing lines. 


  • Characteristics of Schröder technology
  • High hourly output and injection output for effective machine utilisation
  • Can be integrated in production lines
  • Input, management and documentation of process data (e.g. brine pressure, injection speed, brine temperature, length of product draw, injection type)
  • Hygienic with the electrical and mechanical systems found inside the machine, whilst pump and brine pool are outside.
  • Brine feed system can be completely removed, meaning it can be cleaned simply and effectively.
  • Partially-automated cleaning processes reduce the need for manual intervention by personnel.


Available as IMAX 420, IMAX 520 or IMAX 620, with throughputs from 2,000 to 7,000Kg per hour.


SMARTline Technology

The all-rounder IMAX 300SL, 400SL and 600SL is for use with a wide range of products. The Schröder injector can be instantly recognised by its hygienic design and the proven, robust drive concept. Available with two manifold variants (needle number and position), always equipped with retraction block (for bone-in products) and optional tenderising block. The variable filter concept can be flexibly adapted to all brine conditions. With its three performance classes of 3,000, 4,000 and 6,000Kg of fresh meat per hour, suitable for the production of pork, beef and poultry products.


IMAX SMARTline controller:

The modern 7“ multicolour touch panel is embedded into the machine base at a 15° angle. This position not only facilitates operation, it also provides reliable protection against damage. The intuitive user interface of the controller provides guidance through the program and guarantees safe, practical use. For an optimal injection result, the most important functions can be accessed quickly and directly on the touchscreen and can be adjusted individually.


Pump and brine supply:

The stainless-steel rotary pumps for the SMARTline are always on-board. To adjust the injection rate, the pump performance can be set precisely using the frequency converter, thus making it possible to exactly set the brine quantity in the product. The external brine supply connected to the pump is freely accessible and can be removed completely with just a few simple steps. Cleaning and inspection of the brine supply can therefore be completed in just minutes.


Stipper plate:

The stripper plate position, which can be adjusted in several steps, makes it possible to adapt to different product heights up to 170 mm. The setting is easily performed in a matter of seconds, thus allowing for an extremely fast product change. The applied pneumatic strip off pressure is freely selectable regardless of whether light or heavy muscle pieces and are reliably and gently released by the needles.


Needle retraction:

The standard needle retraction represents a safe protection mechanism for both the product and the brine needles. Each needle is separately retracted by using air pressure. Due to the retraction, the brine flow of the individual needles is stopped and thus the formation of brine pockets in the areas around the bones is prevented. The pneumatic pressure can be adjusted individually for different products. For easy access to remove the needles, the retraction block can be folded away.


Tenderiser attachment:

For mechanical treatment of certain pieces of muscles, the SMARTline injectors can be equipped with an optional needle tenderiser. The increase in quality when using a needle tenderiser is reflected in:


  • Faster diffusion of additives
  • Reduction of brine pockets in connective tissue
  • Homogeneous reddening
  • Increased tenderness
  • Faster massaging and tumbling times 


For use with bone-in products, the needle tenderiser can also be equipped with a retraction system.

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