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High Speed & Large Calibre Clipping



The SVF1800 is the ideal solution for processors requiring a cost-effective high speed automatic double clipper that produces clean sausage tails, the machine can cycle at up to 130 cycles per minute.

The SVF1800 closes all plastic, fibrous, and collagen casings in a broad range of calibres from 35mm to 140mm. Easy change to a different clip pitch – from 15mm to 18mm – expands versatility of the calibre range.


TT1512 / TT1815

These high-speed, German manufactured double clippers are capable of producing up to 200 pieces per minute. Ergonomic, compact design and touch screen controls allow for a high degree of user friendliness.

Other advantages include maintenance free servo drives, continuous clip reels for uninterrupted production and the options of looping and labelling attachments



The TIPPER TIE SV4800 is the ideal clipping system for sliced and shaped products. All known plastic, fibrous and collagen casings can be processed fast and safely.

In addition to emulsions, the new spreading voider system allows processing of ham products up to calibre 160 mm.

For air-free, shaped products such as ovals or 4x4’s, the SV4800 can optionally be equipped with a slack fill device for spreading of up to 250 mm.



Designed for large calibre ham and poultry products up to 240mm diameter, these machines offer the strongest gathering and voiding systems available for use with whole muscle pieces, even where connective tissue is present. Slicing logs can be produced for slack filled packages suitable for moulding into shapes such as 4x4 hams.

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