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TT Cut machines make short work of cutting and emulsifying sausage meat, liver sausage and fine emulsions but are equally suitable for producing pastes from fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as sauces, dairy products, chopped nuts or the reworking of confectionery products such as biscuits or chocolate.

The non-contact cutting system, by way of a rotor/stator principle, ensures consistent product quality and defined particle sizes in all emulsions. Designed for ease of use and simple cleaning the TT Cut units are low in noise and vibration. Available with both horizontal or vertical product flow, a range of sizes is available for hourly through-put from 600kg to 5 tonnes.

Areas of Application:


  • Meat products: Sausage meat, meat loaf, pates, hot dogs, cooked and fine liver sausage




  • Stable emulsions: Vegetable spreads, cold dressings, marinades




  • Frozen fruit and vegetables up to 0.2mm pieces




  • Cutting leftover / waste bread for breadcrumbs, reworking biscuits and chocolate




  • Chopping of nuts, almonds, sesame seeds, spices etc




  • Pet food production, cutting and emulsifying




  • Laboratory, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals




  • Baby food manufacturing and process lines



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