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The Tipper Clip is an engineered product, designed and manufactured for use in Tipper Tie clippers to provide consistent high quality closures on all packaging materials.

Why invest in the latest machinery without using original consumables that ensure trouble free running? It was 1956 when Tipper Tie first manufactured clips from aluminium wire for the closure of food casings. Now each Tipper factory has its own ISO certified clip production facility and the group manufactures hundreds of different sizes of clip available in a variety of colours. With packaging speeds having increased from a few cycles per minute to upwards of 180 cycles per minute, precision manufacturing of both machine and clip are critical to allow for consistent application and reliable closure. Poor quality or out of spec clips will lead to excessive wear on equipment, clip jams and downtime, inadequate clip closures and potential contamination from aluminium flakes and shavings.



The patented TEBE loop guarantees strength for safe hanging of your products for either display or cooking purposes, and are available in a selection of different sizes and colours. Loops can be applied manually or, for larger processors, an automatic looper is available with most models of clipper.



Whether for in house traceability or for retail pack information, labelling is becoming an increasingly important requirement for today's processors. We can offer a variety of solutions from pre-printed manually inserted labels through to automated systems with real-time printing ensuring complete process control from producer to end user. All labels are inserted under the formed clip for security, are tear and boil proof and can carry logos or advertising on the reverse side.

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