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Bag & Clip Systems



TIPPER TIE offers a variety of air-powered vacuum packaging systems including the automated Rota-Matic. Created to reduce total packaging costs with a smart design that delivers high-speed and consistency, the Rota-Matic produces high-integrity vacuum packages effortlessly.

Ease of use is a key benefit to the Rota-Matic. Once the product is placed onto the vacuum nozzle, the bag is voided of air as it continues its path on the rotating table. At the clipping station, a clip is securely applied and the excess bag tail is directed into an integrated compartment for easy removal. The Rota-Matic’s fast, lightweight clipper makes it nearly impossible for a bird hock to enter the clipping gate area. This eliminates costly down time, rework, and the potential for a broken hock or leg that can downgrade a bird.



The TIPPER TIE family of TTBag machines represents the poultry industry’s premier line for packaging whole birds in an efficient and economical way. These smartly engineered bagging and clipping machines are the result of years of applied experience. The advantage is simple, hassle-free operation and easy maintenance. TTBag systems are designed to maximize labor efficiency and safety, and to integrate smoothly into existing packaging lines. They enable processors to produce tightly clipped bags for consistent, attractive packages and long production runs. With numerous options and accessories available, these value-driven machines can answer practically any processor need.

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